Air humidification for industry and trade

With over 20 years experience FINESTFOG is one of the leading experts for air humidification and water treatment in Europe.

The extremely fine mist generated by FINESTFOG high-pressure water systems humidifies and cools virtually any interior space – energy-saving, quietly and hygienically absolutely safe. FINESTFOG water treatment systems produce process water for air humidification and printing machinery.
Air humidification and water treatment directly from the manufacturer – FINESTFOG bundles development, production and sales. The company is your single-source supplier in all matters concerning air humidification and water treatment systems:

  • Sales and distribution without the added cost of intermediates
  • Consulting and concept directly from the developer
  • On-site assembly, service and maintenance by in-house technicians


Renewed investment by WEBASTO Romania in air humidification

In 2014, a FINESTFOG high-pressure air humidification system was installed with WEBASTO in Arad in the production hall. Especially during bonding of glass roofs a constant air humidity is required. The adhesive may not be processed at an air humidity of under 30%. Production stalls.
At the beginning of February 2015, a nearly identical FINESTFOG system was again installed in the new production hall.
The WEBASTO plants in Schierling and Utting, both in Germany, have for years deployed FINESTFOG air humidification and water treatment systems.

FINESTFOG caters for fresh fruit and vegetables at logistic centers

Fresh fruit and vegetables have become an important part of the discounter’s business. For this reason one of the leading discounter paid special attention to this aspect when it came to the design and construction of three new logistics centres.

The logistics centres in Emstek, Langgöns and Bruckberg are responsible for the distribution of fruit and vegetables to the  outlets. FINESTFOG humidifies the cold-storage rooms and the auxiliary halls. These have a volume of approx. 70,000 m³. Nearly 200 high-pressure nozzles with a humidification performance of approx. 600 litres per hour provide a relative air humidity of approx. 80% at a room temperature of 14 °C. This keeps the fruit and vegetables fresh and crisp prior to being loaded onto trucks.

For all three locations FINESTFOG supplied the entire water treatment technology plus two high-pressure air humidifiers and three compressed-air humidifiers for the cold-storage rooms.

Domatec tests FINESTFOG according to VDI 6022 Sheet 6

Domatec GmbH in Mühldorf on the Inn is a testing organization. Domatec employs a VDI-tested RLQ manager, a prerequisite for testing room air humidification systems in operation on the operator’s premises.

Domatec has now tested a FINESTFOG high-pressure air humidification system according to the guidelines set out in VDI 6022 Sheet 6. The RLQ manager performed the following tests at the Mayr printing works in Miesbach: airborne germ measurements, water sampling at various system points, checks on the installation situation, review of the technical documentation, the maintenance contracts and other records. The FINESTFOG air humidification and water treatment systems passed the test with flying colours. The operator will now receive a test protocol from Domatec and a test mark. Having been successfully tested to VDI 6022 Sheet 6, the FINESTFOG system can now sport another test mark, in addition to DGUV-certified »Optimized Air Humidification«.
Further tests on FINESTFOG systems in action are planned for 2015.

Detailed test results are available directly from FINESTFOG.
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