With 30 years of experience, FINESTFOG is one of Europe’s leading air humidification and Water treatment experts.

The ultra-fine humidifying mist from FINESTFOG high-pressure humidifier systems humidifies and cools almost any size of room – in an energy-saving, quiet and absolutely hygienic manner. FINESTFOG water treatment systems produce process water for air humidification and printing machines.

Air humidification and water treatment direct from the manufacturer – FINESTFOG combines development, production and sales. The manufacturing and distribution company is a one-stop shop for all aspects of air humidification and water treatment systems:

The unique hygiene concept of FINESTFOG

Ensuring optimum hygiene at every point of the humidification process is paramount. FINESTFOG consolidates this approach by developing and combining technical innovations into an effective concept.

The FINESTFOG hygiene concept is unique:

"Optimised Air Humidification" certificate

FINESTFOG humidification and FINESTFOG high-pressure humidification systems have received multiple awards:

In 2012, the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) awarded the “Optimized Humidification” seal of approval to FINESTFOG for the first time. Since then, FINESTFOG high-pressure humidifiers and water treatment systems have been recertified twice. The certification is initiated by the employer’s liability insurance association BG ETEM. The FRESENIUS Institute in Taunusstein conducts the complex lab tests as part of the certification process and carries out hygiene spot checks on operators’ premises. The “GS – Tested Safety” certificate was also awarded by the DGUV.

Systems can be certified under the following conditions:

The system must be a combination of a FINESTFOG humidification system and water treatment system. A legally binding maintenance contract must be concluded between the operator and FINESTFOG. Since 2004, FINESTFOG has been conducting long-term tests on systems at operators’ premises. The water samples are taken by the Hamburg-based international life science group GBA (Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik Hamburg mbH). FINESTFOG systems humidify in accordance with the guidelines of VDI 6022 sheet 1 and VDI 6022 sheet 6.