Air humidification for industry and trade

With 25 years experience FINESTFOG is one of the leading experts for industrial air humidification and water treatment in Europe.

The extremely fine mist generated by FINESTFOG high-pressure water systems humidifies and cools virtually any interior space – energy-saving, quietly and hygienically absolutely safe. FINESTFOG water treatment systems produce process water for air humidification and printing machinery.

Air humidification and water treatment directly from the manufacturer – FINESTFOG bundles development, production and sales. The company is your single-source supplier in all matters concerning air humidification and water treatment systems:

  • Sales and distribution without the added cost of intermediates
  • Consulting and concept directly from the developer
  • On-site assembly, service and maintenance by in-house technicians


Graphics Canada 2024 in Toronto

GRAPHICS Canada in Toronto

HUMIDITY CONTROL for your Business 

Come and see us at GRAPHICS CANADA, May 11-13 2023, The International Centre in Mississauga. VERSO SOLUTIONS corp. Booth #5263.


Please visit us at the upcoming show for professionals in the wood industry.

EUROBOIS in Lyon from June 14 to June 17

Hall 6
Booth  D 108

New Projects in Pennsylvania and in the Republic of Irland

We were really happy that we were able to complete two exciting projects in the USA and Ireland.

In the USA, the company Cardbox placed their trust in us and we installed a modern system with reverse osmosis with our local team from Toronto. Who knows how dry it can be in the mountains of Pennsylvania in winter can appreciate how happy the customer was when the system went into operation.

In the south of Ireland, in the beautiful county of Kerry, the Walsh company ordered us to install a state-of-the-art 6-zone system for their printing shop. Our team from Germany did an excellent job and installed the complete system on site within 14 days.

"Nina von C" invests in second FINESTFOG air humidification system

In the textile industry, sufficiently high air humidity (>50% r.h.) is particularly important. Karl Conzelmann GmbH&Co.KG from Albstadt is a leading manufacturer of high-quality women's underwear (Nina von C). A FINESTFOG air humidification system has been in use in the knitting factory since 2018. Now, Plant II has also invested in a new FINESTFOG air humidification system. The old mechanical atomisers are out of service and now 26 FINESTFOG nozzles ensure a precise climate in two areas of production. 

MGI Konica Minolta showroom in Paris with optimal air humidification

MGI and Konica Minolta Paris decided to equip the showroom and customer center with optimal and hygienic air humidification.

The necessary air humidification and water treatment are supplied by FINESTFOG. The assembly of the FINESTFOG system has now been completed.

In the approx. 3,000 m³ large hall, 35 nozzles are fully automatic for a uniform humidity of 50% r.h. to care. At the same time, the FINESTFOG reverse osmosis system delivers the perfect water quality for air humidification.

We are very happy about this showpiece.

New as a video: the effect on health and production explained in a flash

Are you interested in how air humidification affects the health of employees and production processes?

Click here to see the film.

Christmas 2020

Dear business partners, colleagues and friends of our company,

An unusual year is coming to an end. The situation around the Corona epidemic has changed our daily private and business life a lot. Now we all know what "home office" is and how "home schooling" should work. 

Many of us got to know our own country better during the summer or spent the annual holiday in our own region. We had more time to concentrate on essential things. The family was the centre of attention again. But the longer the time lasted, the more tense some situations became. 

And now we are all in the next "shutdown" again. I wish you a lot of strength and energy to make good and meaningful use of this time again and to get through it.

It was and is a difficult time for employees in companies, for businesses, the self-employed and micro-entrepreneurs. Quite a few people have to fear for their existence.

I hope that the state aid will help most of them to alleviate the greatest difficulties. 

Finestfog has had a successful year. I would like to say a big thank you to all our customers, suppliers, business partners and last but not least to all our employees. They have all contributed to this success. I have the impression that trust and cohesion in business have increased in these extraordinary times. 

We will not be sending any Christmas presents this year. We are giving a little of our success back to the most vulnerable. We have donated € 3,000.00 to Sternstunden.

The Sternstunden campaign of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation helps children in Bavaria, Germany and all over the world. 

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Stay healthy!


Christian Wagner

Children's hospital in Bucharest receives 18 reverse osmosis systems

The Marie-Curie Children's Hospital in Bucharest will be equipped with 18 reverse osmosis systems at the beginning of 2021.

The project is being implemented together with IMSAT (Groupe SNEF).

The FINESTFOG team is looking forward to the implementation of this project.

Two new humidification projects in France

ALPHA SAS, based in Peaugres (07) south of Lyon, was founded in 1989. ALPHA SAS is a member of the independent printer group "ImpriFrance".

ALPHA decided to replace the exisiting Air Humidification system while the production hall has been enlarged.

The OFFSET printing and finishing zone, the CTP room and the storage have been equipped with the FINESTFOG high pressure nozzles system combined with the FINESTFOG Reverse Osmoses water treatment.

The new FINESTFOG system significantly improves production conditions.

The second project was carried out at IVE. “Impression Varoise d’Etiquettes” is located in Pontevès (83), south of France. They are a labels manufacturer for more than 30 years. 

The exisiting Air Humidification system has always resulted in higher maintenance cost.

IVE decided to replace the old system by a new FINESTFOG High Pressure nozzles system combined with a FINESTFOG Reverse Osmoses water treatment.

3 productions rooms and the warehouse have been equipped.


FINESTFOG Air Purifier

FINESTFOG now has a new air purifier in its range. The device is equipped with two HEPA H13 filters (front and rear). Also with two activated carbon and two pre-filters. The air quality is improved by an additional ionization and the integrated LED UV disinfection.

Thus germs, bacteria and viruses can be effectively filtered out of the air. A sensor measures the air quality, the temperature and the humidity.

The H 700 air purifier works fully automatically. It is suitable for rooms up to around 100m².

The necessary filter change is indicated so that there can be no incorrect operation.

FINESTFOG air purifiers can be used in classrooms, offices, medical practices, kindergartens, etc. The price per device is less than € 1,500.00 net (exact prices on request)

Major order received from Greece - Hatzopoulos from Thessaloniki invests in FINESTFOG air humidification

A. Hatzopoulus S.A. founded in 1931 is one of the largest packaging companies in Greece based in Thessaloniki.

The company with 380 employees exports its products to 35 countries.

In four production halls with a total room volume of around 35.000m³ and a fresh air supply of 230.000m³/hour. In the future, FINESTFOG air humidification will ensure a healthy climate.

A reverse osmosis with an output of 1.000 liters per hour provides the required pure water. The two high-pressure air humidification centers humidify fully automatically in 8 areas. The maximum humidification capacity is around 1.000 liters. The system will be delivered in 2020 and installed by FINESTFOG technicians.

Corona Studies: Humidity influences the spread of aerosols

New study results on COVID-19: SARS-CoV-2 spreads to a not inconsiderable proportion via aerosols, this is becoming increasingly clear. This could be counteracted with a certain level of humidity in closed rooms.

SARS-CoV-2 is likely to spread more strongly in dry rooms.
Physicists have evaluated ten studies that examined the influence of humidity on survival, spread and infection with influenza and various coronaviruses (SARS-CoV-1, MERS and SARS-CoV-2) between 2007 and 2020. Result: If the relative humidity of the room air is below 40 percent, the aerosols emitted by the infected absorb less water, are lighter and thus remain in the air longer. They can also cover a longer distance. At this level of humidity, the probability that virus-containing aerosols will be inhaled by non-infected people in the environment is higher than with moist air. The researchers from the Institute for Tropospheric Research in Leipzig therefore recommend, in addition to the usual measures such as keeping your distance, also to control the indoor air. A relative humidity of 40 to 60 percent can reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and its absorption through the nasal mucosa.

Translated from Ärtztezeitung vom 21.08.2020

Aerosol and Air Quality Research 2020; online 28. Juli



FINESTFOG information - "strong together"

The corona pandemic poses unprecedented challenges for the whole world. FINESTFOG is also facing up to these challenges. The most important things first:
Our company remains open and will continue to be available to our customers and interested parties for questions and assistance.
The office team works in the company or in the "home office" and is always available during opening hours.
The production is running and the technical contact persons are available. We have no difficulties in procurement and are able to deliver all spare parts and equipment in time as usual.
Our technicians are still on the road. And this partly under difficult conditions, for this my special thanks!
Of course there are companies where service and maintenance cannot be carried out at the moment, we fully understand that.

The contact to our international dealers is intact and we are in active exchange about the problems and situations in the respective regions. This crisis knows no borders.

Basically we notice that our customers and partners always try to find reasonable solutions together with us. The good and fair cooperation over the many years pays off!
I would like to thank all our customers, suppliers, friends and interested parties for their loyalty, the good partnership and the "strong together" in these difficult times.

I would also like to express special thanks to our FINESTFOG team. The commitment of each and every one of them is exemplary! Everyone helps together, everyone is aware of their task and their responsibility.
Our company is well able to assess the challenges at the moment. The sensible budgeting of our company's resources and the great successes of the last few years give us the economic opportunities to overcome this crisis.
If everyone continues to comply with the official measures and our state continues to act seriously and prudently, we will all emerge from the crisis.
I wish you all strength, energy and above all health and look forward to every conversation and every feedback.
Stay healthy, all of you!

Christian Wagner, CEO



Activity of the corona virus in different climatic conditions

While combating the corona virus, there is a discussion about the climatic conditions in which the virus is active and therefore contagious.
Numerous studies have shown that the coronavirus survives longer when the temperatures are low and the air humidity is low. At high temperatures and a humidity of 40 - 60% rH however, the lifespan of the virus is reduced.

Especially indoors, the air humidity is very low during the heating period - sometimes below 20% rH. Ventilation does not help, since cold outside air contains little absolute humidity. Living, working and commercial rooms should be humidified.
Like dust, germs, bacteria and viruses are bound at high air humidity, they become heavier and sink to the ground. They are simply not as floating in high humidity as in dry air. In addition, healthy humidity protects the mucous membranes in the nose and throat from drying out. Mucous membranes are the body's protective shield against germs, bacteria and viruses. This means that higher air humidity significantly reduces the susceptibility to colds.


ZDF deals with the topic in an interesting report that explains the connection between climatic conditions and virus activity.

Click here to see the Video.

EUROBOIS fair in Lyon from 4th to 7th February 2020

FINESTFOG will be represented at EUROBOIS, the trade fair for wood and processing technology.

You can view our systems on display and experience the quality of our air humidification on site.

Contact us if you need free entry.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hall 5 - Stand E14

Bye for now

Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year 2020

We wish all our customers, partners, friends and the whole FINESTFOG team a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, successful New Year!

We can look back on a very successful year 2019 and would like to thank all customers for the trust they have placed in us. In 2019 there were again some very spectacular projects that we have implemented.

In 2019 we delivered systems including to France, Canada, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Iran and even Australia.

Among other things, the new KBA Demo Center in Radebeul was equipped with a FINESTFOG system.

At Durst Photo AG in Brixen (Italy) we humidify the new administration building, the demo center, the laboratories and the production.

In Iran, we ensure a healthy climate at the country's largest textbook printing company (110 million books per year).

In the far north of Europe, BillerudKorsnäs in Karlstadt (Sweden) is humidifying a powerful FINESTFOG humidification system in one of the largest paper mills in the world.

And in Belgium, spectacular paper web moistening from FINESTFOG on three machines ensures that CHIYODA Europe in Genk no longer has any problems with electrostatic charges.

We have achieved a lot in the year of our 25th company anniversary.

But now is the time to enjoy Christmas and the turn of the year in peace. All the best, we'll see and hear each other in 2020!



Premiere: FINESTFOG at the WMS trade show in toronto

From 31st of October to 2nd of November the WMS traid fair took place in Toronto, Canada. For the first time FINESTFOG exhibited at this important wood fair for North America. Many new contacts could be made. Many thanks to the VERSOLUTION team! It was fun to work together for a very successful show. 

Start of installation Koenig & Bauer Democenter

The Koenig & Bauer Group is the world's oldest printing press manufacturer with the broadest product portfolio in the industry.

Koenig & Bauer's core competence is the development and manufacture of technologically innovative and cost-effective printing systems and associated peripheral equipment.

Koenig & Bauer Sheetfed AG & Co. KG in Radebeul is responsible for the sheetfed offset business. A new demo centre is built in Radebeul. 

The necessary air humidification and water treatment is supplied by FINESTFOG. Assembly of the FINESTFOG system has started. In the almost 20,000 m³ hall, 90 nozzles will automatically ensure a uniform humidity of 50% r.H.. At the same time, the FINESTFOG reverse osmosis unit and dosing unit provide the perfect water quality for the printing presses.

We will continue to report on this showcase project.

Fachpack 2019 in Nuremberg - We exhibit!

The Fachpack in Nuremberg is just around the corner.
The leading trade fair for packaging technology opened its doors from 24 - 26 September. We are exhibiting again at this important trade fair. Please visit us in hall 3 booth 529.
We will show our new micro systems and the latest innovations in water treatment.
If you still need free admission tickets, please contact us. We will send you your personal invitation immediately!
We look forward to your visit!

Recertification by DGUV and BG ETEM

FINESTFOG high-pressure air humidification and water treatment have already been certified for the third time by the German statutory accident insurance (DGUV) and BG ETEM. The certificates "Optimized Air Humidification" and "Tested Safety" are valid until the end of August 2022.

Product testing and certification include a type examination and field trials of certified FINESTFOG systems at six different operators. The result proves that FINESTFOG systems are technically and hygienically up to date.

For the operator, this means that the unique FINESTFOG hygiene concept (periodic hygiene rinsing + UV disinfection) combined with regular maintenance by the qualified FINESTFOG team of technicians ensures that the plant will always be technically and hygienically perfect in the long term.

Healthy climate in the HOBBY caravan factory

Congratulations from the jubilarian: The Hobby Wohnwagenwerk in Fockbek (Germany) celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2019. FINESTFOG congratulates and celebrates its 25th anniversary at the same time.

Just in time for the celebrations, a FINESTFOG air humidifier now ensures a healthy climate in the factory.

1200 employees work for Hobby at the Fockbek plant. In the caravan sector, Hobby is in an outstanding position throughout Europe.

The new FINESTFOG air humidifier humidifies fully automatically in 5 areas on a total area of around 5,000 m². Of course FINESTFOG also supplies the pure water system. The entire plant is equipped with the most modern hygiene concept, which also includes regular maintenance and hygiene control.

The hobby group also includes Fendt Caravan GmbH in Mertingen (Bavaria) and Formlight GmbH in Warburg (NRW).
FINESTFOG humidifiers have been in use at both plants for years.

No anual plant shutdown!

Like in  the past 25 years FINESTFOG will not close the plant this summer.
Because of the good order situation the production is running full speed.  Our techncian team is permanant on duty installing new systems and doing maintenance.
Technical support you get by our friendly in-house staff.
We wish all of our customers, suppliers and friends  a great summer.

VDI Certification

We are proud to announce that on customer request again a FINESTFOG Humidifcation System  has been certified by the VDI. The humidifcation and water treatment system is installed at Procter & Gamble in Marktheidenfeld.

The complete system is equipped with the DGUV Certificate "optimierte Luftbefeuchtung"  (optimized air humidification)
The customer requested an additional certification subject to VDI 6022 Blatt 6.

The certification includes the review of the technical documentation, the maintenanace records and the installation

The RLQ Manager takes water probes which are analyzed.
Often not considered is the fact that also the operators must be qualified. You can read in  VDI 6022 Blatt 6,  Chapter 9: 

"It must be ensured that all personel doing maintenance, planing installation or operating the system must be  qualified by appropriate  training or  professional education."

Further information regarding the VDI Certification of exisiting air humidifcation systems you get from FINESTFOF direct or ask a qualified RLQ manager.

FINESTFOG celebrates 25 years

Founded in 1994 as "Air Systeme Handels GmbH" FINESTFOG GmbH is celebrating  25 years of successful business.

Since 25 years FINESTFOG belongs to the leading manufacturers of air humdification and water treatment in Europe.

FINESTFOG to announce new sales manager for FRANCE

FINESTFOG is happy to announce Samuel Nestout to the new position as Sales Manager France. 

Samuel has already served for more than 10 years in our business and therefore brings in enormous experience in Industrial Humidification Solutions.

He recently started his new position and will be responsible for the French market as well as for the French speaking markets in Belgium.

FINESTFOG is looking forward providing now to our customers in France exceptional local service.

Please welcome Samuel in the FINESTFOG family.

FACHPACK in Nuremberg - We attend

Very soon, Thursday September 25th  the european trade fair for packing solutions open the doors. FINESTFOG is attending. In Nuremberg / Nürnberg showing Highlights especially developed for the requirements of our customers.

Visit us on the FACHPACK in Nuremberg. Hall 3, Booth 3/451. We are looking forward meeting you.

Successful start in the new Year!

After having a short break at New Years Eve production at Finestfog is running on full speed. In January/February we closed serveral big projects. Among them are:
Knaus Tappert in Jandelsbrunn; 
VHB in Memmingen;
LMC Caravan in Sassenberg;
Nino Druck in Neustadt/Weinstraße and Integreated Plastics Packaging in Dubai (VAE)

In addition FINESTFOG closed in January five more big projetcs:

Durst Phototechnik in Brixen, Südtirol/Alto Adige
Hans Kolb Wellpappe in Memmingen
Zollner Electronik AG in Zandt
Holzwerke Ladenburger GmbH in Bopfingen
Ciprijanovic d.o.o. in Orahovica (Kroatien)

Happy New Year

2017 has been a very successful year and we are looking forward very optimistic into 2018.
We could say welcome to 4 new employees in 2017 how will enlarge our team.
In 2018 we have ambitious and exiting plans  with new products and ideas for our existing and prospective customers.

We wich you all a good start into 2018 and are looking forward hearing from you soon.


New team members for the End Of Year Rally

FINESTFOG strenthend the production team. Since Oktober 1st, Ronny Wetzel and Marco Caliskan are enlarging the team. Because of the very good order situation this has been an important step keep on producing "just in time".
Also our logistics will improve.
We are looking forward working together with our new team members.

Network is growing, new partner for the Czek Republic and Slovakia

We are pleased to announce that FINESTFOG got a further strong partner in Europe.

In the Czek Republic (Česká republika) and in the Slovakian Republic (Slovenská republika) the company HUMIDIRECT  who is already a very well known partner for the local industry will distribute and install FINESTFOG Humidification and Water Treatment Systems.

The team of HUMIFIRECT as been very successful in the last decade selling and installing Humidification and Water treatment systems in the  local market. 

FINESTFOG will support our partners in all aspects to ensure the best customer satisfaction. 

New Partner for Romania and Portugal

We are pleased to announce that FINESTFOG got two further strong partners in Europe.

In Romania the company PERGAMON  who is already a very well known partner for the Romanian printing industry  will distribute and install FINESTFOG Humidification and Water Treatment Systems.

In Portugal the company PROJECTA a succesful distributor for industrial machines beeing mostly 30 years on the market will distribute and install FINESTFOG Humidification and Water Treatment Systems.

FINESTFOG will support our partners in all aspects to ensure the best customer satisfaction in the new markets.

Car Pool Enlargement

I the last weeks FINESTFOG renewed the Car Fleet. In particualarly for the trade shows a new truck has been purchased. This truck will also be used for delivery of our systems. The fleet  has been enlarged by two more VW Transporter T6 and a VW Caddy. All trucks for our service engineers are equipped with state of the art Sortimo storage systems. With this enlargement FINESTFOG will be more flexible in fullfilling customer requests.

INTERPACK / COMPONENTS 2017 in Düsseldorf
We take part!

The time has come: Thursday May 4th the world largest trade fair for packing solutions open the doors. FINESTFOG is attending. In Düsseldorf we show some new Highlights: Our new compact Micro humidifcation solution is first time presented to the public.

With the patended FINESTFOG stainless steel pump just only consuming 130 Watt and delivering a pressure of 80 Bar along with up to 20 Liter humidification power per hour this is the ideal pump for small production areas or office rooms.

Visit us on the INTERPACK / COMPONENTS in Düsseldorf. Hall 18, Booth J08.

New Projects in the Print- and Paper Industry

FINESTFOG strengthens its leading position. In short time FINESTFOG generated seven more orders  in the German Print- and Paper Industry: 
Elanders Germany GmbH for the new production facility in Herrenberg
e.Kurz+Co Druck und Medientechnik GmbH; Stuttgart
Druckhaus Beinecke; Korschenbroich
Städte-Verlag E.v.Wagner & J. Mitterhuber GmbH; Fellbach
Druckerei & Verlag Steinmeier GmbH & Co. KG; Deiningen
Multi Packaging Solutions GmbH; Obersulm
Walter Digital GmbH; Münchingen

We  thank all customers for the confidence placed in us and are looking forward to the new projects!

Large-scale project completed!

Steinway & Sons is known for traditional piano manufacturing, well-kept for over 160 years and developed to perfection. The company is well known as the founder of the modern piano manufacturing. The grand pianos and the pianos are worldwide the gold standard for highest quality and enjoy highest appreciation with professional pianists as well as the people their heart is bumping for music.

Solid wood like maple, spruce, pine, beech and poplar is used for the piano manufacturing at Steinway & Sons. In many production and warehouse araes three FINESTFOG High Pressure Systems take care of a constant humidification. In 24 zones FINESTFOG nozzles atomize the water. The FINESTFOG Water Treatment System delivers purified osmoses water.
All relevant data in each arae are logged and can be controlled using Team Viewer from any workplace at Steinway & Sons.

FINESTFOG strengthens team by 3 employees

A hot start for FINESTFOG in the new year. The strong cold period of the last weeks resulted in a high demand of humidifying solutions. Dominique Reichwald came back after 1 year maternity leave supporting the back office team. Also our technicians got new colleagues. Since November 2016 Pavol Minarcik is supporting the technical team. Pavol origins from the Slovakia and is responsible for assembling, service and maintenance. From February 2017 the team is completed by Jawed Majidi. Three years ago Jawed came from Morocco to Germany. He speaks German, English, French and Arabic and will be responsible for our international assemblations. We are looking forward working together with our new colleagues!

Successful 2016 - an excellent start into 2017!

We wish all our customers, business partners and friends from FINESTFOG a prosperous, happy and most important a healthful new Year.
2016 has been the most succesful year in 23 years of business. Compared to the so far best year (2015) sales in 2016 have been increased by 10%.
Thank you for the confidence you put into our products and our team!
There has been a very pleasing development while starting 2017. Production is running on full speed and our first installatons are already performed.
We are looking forward having a good continuing cooperation in the new Year!

FORESTADENT gets a new air humidification for man comfort

The Pforzheim based company FORESTADENT belongs to the leading suppliers of dental technology for the state of the art orthodontist business. For more than 100 years the family owned company FORESTADENT stands for precise and inovating quality products. FINESTFOG is now supplying the production work shop with air humdification in order to achieve a healthy climate for the employees.

Just in time with the cold season the compact FINESTFOG system distributing humidified air in two production rooms and two offices has been put into operation.
Fully automated with the new FINESTFOG controller with a digital humidity monitor. Since in non-humidified areas a humiditiy of 30% is measured a healthy humidity of 45 to 50% is achieved in the humidified areas.
The FINESTFOG central system has been planned regarding future enlargement supplying more floors with humidification.

ZOLLNER Elektronik AG again invests in FINESTFOG Humidification

On time to the start of the Electronica 2016 Zollner AG, Zandt has ordered for two production sites a FINESTFOG Air Humidification and Water Treatement system.
The systmes will be installed in both locations in 2016. Since two years a FINESTFOG humidification is operating on the production site in Furth im Wald and guarantees for a constant air humidification.
Zollner AG has been founded in 1965 and is still private owned. The Zollner Group belongs to the top 15 of the EMS manufacturers worldwide.

You will find FINESTFOG Air Humidification on the Electronica show, Hall B1, Booth 557

First order from IRAN for FINESTFOG

FINESTFOG has got the first order from the Republic of Iran.
Anil Pack (Esfahan), one of the leading packaging companies in Iran ordered a FINESTFOG High Pressure Air Humidification system with Water Treatment and installation.

The system for the new print shop will be delivered by the end of 2016.
We are looking forward to a good relationship.

FINESTFOG Dealer for Canada and the US

Air Humidification from FINESTFOG is now available in Cananda and in the US. The air humidification systems will be supported by our dealer VERSO SOLUTIONS from Oakville/Toronto.

Also customers from the US will be consulted.
Dmytro Tuzov and Nadiia Tuzova have been in Ottobrunn October 24th to 28th for training and signing a cooperation agreement.
VERSO SOLUTIONS delivers mainly customers in the printing and paper industry but will also consult potential customers from all other areas of applications.
FINESTFOG and VERSO SOLUTIONS are looking forward to a good and succesful relationship.

FINESTGOG on the Basel Holz Show

The HOLZ convention in Basel is the most important show for the wood processing industry. The show takes place every 3 years. FINESTFOG together with our Swiss partner TT-Transtech is presenting on 150m2 grinding machines, painting and humidifying solutions. The team of Rene Berger and Raffael Bojanowicz will consult you during and of course after the show. For more information please visit or drop us an email at

System at DS Smith put into operation

As reported last year, FINESTFOG installed six air humdification systems in the new print shop of DS Smith in Erlensee. This project is now completed and the systems are put into operation. More than 1000 FINESTFOG High Pressure Nozzles humidify 11 areas. The optimal air humidity of 55% is performed all over. The 6 FINESTFOG water treatment systems deliver the humidification with pure water. Also process water for the printing machines is delivered. In the future the FINESTFOG systems supply 150.000 ft2 with optimal humidity.

Second order from spanish packaging company

ENPLATER a leading packaging producer in Spain. Flexible packaging products made of plastics are the main product. FINESTFOG installed at the Sarinena site a humidification system in spring 2016. This system convinced the management that in July 2016 a second air humidification system for the site in Torroella di Montgri has been ordered.

Two complete systems consisting of air humidification and water treatment will humidify 8 production areas. 250 nozzles are responsible for a humidification power of 700 Liters per hour. This is the largest project FINESTFOG had so far in Spain.

Last day at the DRUPA 2016

It is about time to say farewell. In a few hours the DRUPA 2016 is closing the doors. The FINESTFOG team says Goodbye and Farewell. FINESTFOG is saying thank you to all guests visiting our booth.
Compared to 2012 FINESTFOG could host significant more visitors even though the DRUPA 2016 show was three days shorter.

The upcoming DRUPA will take place again in Düsseldorf in June 2020.
FINESTFOG syas thank you to all customers and visitors and last but not least to the FINESTFOG team working on the booth.
Goodbye and see you latest in four years.

BMW is investing in FINESTFOG Humidification

Since December 205 the BMW production site in Landshut is using a FINESTFOG air humidification and water treatment system.
The system takes care for good climate conditions in the dashboard production for the employees and the used leather material. 40 nozzles humidify two zones.

Thanks to Reverse Osmoses, UV control and cycle cleaning of the pipes the owner can be sure that only clean water is sprayed.

The company Onlineprinters is ordering the third FINESTFOG humidification system

Onlineprinters GmbH is one of the leading Online Print Shops in Europe. FINESTFOG is the supplier for Air Humidification and Water Treatment Systems.

Our systems are installed at three production sites.
The FINESTFOG systems take care for the perfect climate during the printing process and in the digital printing.

NMC Group is investing in FINESTFOG air humidification and is saving a lot of energy!

Founded in 1950 NMC is a internationl leading company for developing, production and selling synthetic foams.

For the production site in Eynatten, Belgium a FINESTFOG High Pressure Humidifying system with 448 Liter7hour humidifying power was installed. The system replaced an old FINESTFOG Pressed Air humidification system.
The new system is using 2KW per hour. The energy saving will be 58 KW/hour. This is a good example for sustainability.
At the production site in Ettringen (D) we also installed a system in 2015.

Renewed investment by WEBASTO Romania in air humidification

In 2014 a FINESTFOG high-pressure air humidification system was installed with WEBASTO in Arad in the production hall. Especially during bonding of glass roofs a constant air humidity is required. The adhesive may not be processed at an air humidity of under 30%. Production stalls.
At the beginning of February 2015, a nearly identical FINESTFOG system was again installed in the new production hall.
The WEBASTO plants in Schierling and Utting, both in Germany, have for years deployed FINESTFOG air humidification and water treatment systems.

FINESTFOG caters for fresh fruit and vegetables at logistic centers

Fresh fruit and vegetables have become an important part of the discounter’s business. For this reason one of the leading discounter paid special attention to this aspect when it came to the design and construction of three new logistics centres.

The logistics centres in Emstek, Langgöns and Bruckberg are responsible for the distribution of fruit and vegetables to the outlets. FINESTFOG humidifies the cold-storage rooms and the auxiliary halls. These have a volume of approx. 70,000 m3. Nearly 200 high-pressure nozzles with a humidification performance of approx. 600 litres per hour provide a relative air humidity of approx. 80% at a room temperature of 14 °C. This keeps the fruit and vegetables fresh and crisp prior to being loaded onto trucks.

For all three locations FINESTFOG supplied the entire water treatment technology plus two high-pressure air humidifiers and three compressed-air humidifiers for the cold-storage rooms.

Domatec tests FINESTFOG according to VDI 6022 Sheet 6

Domatec GmbH in Mühldorf on the Inn is a testing organization. Domatec employs a VDI-tested RLQ manager, a prerequisite for testing room air humidification systems in operation on the operator’s premises.

Domatec has now tested a FINESTFOG high-pressure air humidification system according to the guidelines set out in VDI 6022 Sheet 6. The RLQ manager performed the following tests at the Mayr printing works in Miesbach: airborne germ measurements, water sampling at various system points, checks on the installation situation, review of the technical documentation, the maintenance contracts and other records. The FINESTFOG air humidification and water treatment systems passed the test with flying colours. The operator will now receive a test protocol from Domatec and a test mark. Having been successfully tested to VDI 6022 Sheet 6, the FINESTFOG system can now sport another test mark, in addition to DGUV-certified »Optimized Air Humidification«.
Further tests on FINESTFOG systems in action are planned for 2015.

Detailed test results are available directly from FINESTFOG.

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