Domatec tests FINESTFOG according to VDI 6022 Sheet 6


Domatec GmbH in Mühldorf on the Inn is a testing organization. Domatec employs a VDI-tested RLQ manager, a prerequisite for testing room air humidification systems in operation on the operator’s premises.

Domatec has now tested a FINESTFOG high-pressure air humidification system according to the guidelines set out in VDI 6022 Sheet 6. The RLQ manager performed the following tests at the Mayr printing works in Miesbach: airborne germ measurements, water sampling at various system points, checks on the installation situation, review of the technical documentation, the maintenance contracts and other records. The FINESTFOG air humidification and water treatment systems passed the test with flying colours. The operator will now receive a test protocol from Domatec and a test mark. Having been successfully tested to VDI 6022 Sheet 6, the FINESTFOG system can now sport another test mark, in addition to DGUV-certified »Optimized Air Humidification«.
Further tests on FINESTFOG systems in action are planned for 2015.

Detailed test results are available directly from FINESTFOG.