Large-scale project completed!


Steinway & Sons is known for traditional piano manufacturing, well-kept for over 160 years and developed to perfection. The company is well known as the founder of the modern piano manufacturing. The grand pianos and the pianos are worldwide the gold standard for highest quality and enjoy highest appreciation with professional pianists as well as the people their heart is bumping for music.

Solid wood like maple, spruce, pine, beech and poplar is used for the piano manufacturing at Steinway & Sons. In many production and warehouse araes three FINESTFOG High Pressure Systems take care of a constant humidification. In 24 zones FINESTFOG nozzles atomize the water. The FINESTFOG Water Treatment System delivers purified osmoses water.
All relevant data in each arae are logged and can be controlled using Team Viewer from any workplace at Steinway & Sons.