FINESTFOG caters for fresh fruit and vegetables at logistic centers


Fresh fruit and vegetables have become an important part of the discounter’s business. For this reason one of the leading discounter paid special attention to this aspect when it came to the design and construction of three new logistics centres.

The logistics centres in Emstek, Langgöns and Bruckberg are responsible for the distribution of fruit and vegetables to the outlets. FINESTFOG humidifies the cold-storage rooms and the auxiliary halls. These have a volume of approx. 70,000 m3. Nearly 200 high-pressure nozzles with a humidification performance of approx. 600 litres per hour provide a relative air humidity of approx. 80% at a room temperature of 14 °C. This keeps the fruit and vegetables fresh and crisp prior to being loaded onto trucks.

For all three locations FINESTFOG supplied the entire water treatment technology plus two high-pressure air humidifiers and three compressed-air humidifiers for the cold-storage rooms.