Major order received from Greece - Hatzopoulos from Thessaloniki invests in FINESTFOG air humidification


A. Hatzopoulus S.A. founded in 1931 is one of the largest packaging companies in Greece based in Thessaloniki.

The company with 380 employees exports its products to 35 countries.

In four production halls with a total room volume of around 35.000m³ and a fresh air supply of 230.000m³/hour. In the future, FINESTFOG air humidification will ensure a healthy climate.

A reverse osmosis with an output of 1.000 liters per hour provides the required pure water. The two high-pressure air humidification centers humidify fully automatically in 8 areas. The maximum humidification capacity is around 1.000 liters. The system will be delivered in 2020 and installed by FINESTFOG technicians.

Finestfog Humidification in Greece