Two new humidification projects in France


ALPHA SAS, based in Peaugres (07) south of Lyon, was founded in 1989. ALPHA SAS is a member of the independent printer group "ImpriFrance".

ALPHA decided to replace the exisiting Air Humidification system while the production hall has been enlarged.

The OFFSET printing and finishing zone, the CTP room and the storage have been equipped with the FINESTFOG high pressure nozzles system combined with the FINESTFOG Reverse Osmoses water treatment.

The new FINESTFOG system significantly improves production conditions.

The second project was carried out at IVE. “Impression Varoise d’Etiquettes” is located in Pontevès (83), south of France. They are a labels manufacturer for more than 30 years. 

The exisiting Air Humidification system has always resulted in higher maintenance cost.

IVE decided to replace the old system by a new FINESTFOG High Pressure nozzles system combined with a FINESTFOG Reverse Osmoses water treatment.

3 productions rooms and the warehouse have been equipped.


Warehouse at ALPHA SAS
Impression Varoise d’Etiquettes Label Nozzle
IVE Label Printer