VDI Certification


We are proud to announce that on customer request again a FINESTFOG Humidifcation System  has been certified by the VDI. The humidifcation and water treatment system is installed at Procter & Gamble in Marktheidenfeld.

The complete system is equipped with the DGUV Certificate "optimierte Luftbefeuchtung"  (optimized air humidification)
The customer requested an additional certification subject to VDI 6022 Blatt 6.

The certification includes the review of the technical documentation, the maintenanace records and the installation

The RLQ Manager takes water probes which are analyzed.
Often not considered is the fact that also the operators must be qualified. You can read in  VDI 6022 Blatt 6,  Chapter 9: 

"It must be ensured that all personel doing maintenance, planing installation or operating the system must be  qualified by appropriate  training or  professional education."

Further information regarding the VDI Certification of exisiting air humidifcation systems you get from FINESTFOF direct or ask a qualified RLQ manager.