Humidification for Offices and Comfort Rooms

Less sickness days, less dust better concentration

An healthy climate at the working place is getting more and more in the focus of the companies. The target to save energy seals the buildings more and more. Air exchange -if any - is only assured using air handling units.
This enforced air exchange does not take care about the healthy humidification. 
The air handling units heat, cool but seldomn humidify the air. In case the units humidify it is not necessary assured that the air handling units are taking care of the sensibel ideal climate for humans in offices. 

Fresh air is essential. To ensure a low CO concentration  continous fresh air take in is mandatory.  For an office with 20 humans the air exchange must be about 800m³/h.

In the winter time the dry external air must be heated by the air handling unit. Therefor the relative humiditiy usually drops below 20% rH in the cold months. This is far away from the ideal values 40-60% rH with a temperature of 20 to 22C

The symptoms of low humidity are:

  • Drying of the mucosa in the nose and throat; the protective shield against  cold gets destroyed
  • Red eyes
  • Lack in conentration
  • Fast tiredness
  • High fine dust concentration

FINESTFOG air humidification produces a healthy climate for humans in offices, call centers, produziert gesundes Klima für Menschen in Büros, Callcenters, Open Plan Offecies or Conference Centers. The great effects are: 

  • Higher Safety  avoiding sickness caused by cold
  • Lower number of staff ill.
  • Better concentration
  • Less fine dust in the rooms

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