Air humidification and water treatment in print shops

Reduce waste with process controlled humidifcation

Print shops and paper processing industries can control the characteristic of their most important material.
Paper is hygroskopic. This means: There is an exchange of humidity with the surrounding air. Whether humiditiy is is gained when the air is too wet or lost when the air is too dry.
The result is ridging, loss and fitting issues.
FINESTFOG air humidification reduces waste and machine down time while keeping the air humidity on a constant target niveau.
Additional there ia a resulting adiabatic cooling effect which cools down the air in the work shop. 

Humidified Air reduces electrostatics. Herewith one of the main problems of the print and finishing processes  gets better controlled. Manufacturers of Digital Printing machines ask for a minimum humidity  of 40 % and a maximum humidity of 60 % r.H. Without air humidification these values are often ways below 30% r.H. 

Humidification is paying off not only in the workshop. Also in the CTP areas, in the paper warehouse and in the offices it is a well used system.

FINESTFOG air humidification is supplied by FINESTFOG water treatment with pure water which is same time used as process water for the printing machines.

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