Air Humidification in the textile industrie

Prevent fibre damages and volume shrinkage

Many textile fibres take humidity from the surrounding air or distribute humidity to the air if the air is too dry. Fibres act hygroscopic. Therefore physical attributes like volume, weight and electrical conductivity are changing. This is the reason for the necessity to control the air humidity within the textile industry.

Dry air supports electrostatic charge. On the work floor this results in fibre damage followed by machine stop. Especially in high speed processes i.e. weaving machines this is a core problem. In consequence the machines are not running efficient.

Air humidity with values below 50% rH are changing the material significant. This can be seen in loss of volume, dilation and weight. This variances are restraining industrial production processes. A lot of textile manufacturing processes ask for air humidity of 60% rH. Without air humidification you find very often values below 30% rH.

The FINESTFOG air humidification controls the air humidity to the desired target value. This reduces losses and machine stops. As a side effect the air gets cooled using the adiabatic cooling effect. Dust is reduced and a healthy climate for the employees is achieved.

The use of technical air humidification is paying back. Not only in the production, also in the warehouse and in the offices. 


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