humidifier for air handling units
humidifier for air handling units
nozzle for humidification in DUCT channel
high pressure nozzles from FINESTFOG
humidification for air handling units

High-pressure air humidification
for central ventilation systems

Constant climate control in HVAC systems.

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FINESTFOG duct humidification puts an end to problems associated with humidification in HVAC systems: high energy consumption, elaborate maintenance measures, lack of hygiene.

Deployed via central ventilation systems, FINESTFOG high-pressure air humidification combines the unique innovations of FINESTFOG hygiene technology with the benefits of FINESTFOG direct humidification.

  • +Maintain climate exactly in line with set values

    FINESTFOG duct humidification is precisely controllable. The controller, with its integrated Siemens PLC and clearly arranged touchscreen, receives the control signal, converts it to a seven-stage cascade connection and meters the humidification of the HVAC system. Here the patented FINESTFOG high-pressure nozzles atomize the water, with no drips, to a superfine mist. The desired air humidity is maintained with high precision.
  • +Lower maintenance effort and costs

    Air washers repeatedly circulate any unevaporated water – with all the negative impacts on hygiene: the need to use chemicals, high desludging rates, elaborate UV disinfection and a very high maintenance effort. By contrast, FINESTFOG keeps the condensate portion low and only fresh ultra-pure water from the FINESTFOG reverse osmosis system is used. A periodic flushing cycle and the integrated UV sterilization complete the hygiene concept of the FINESTFOG duct humidification.
  • +Minimize energy expenditure

    Steam humidifiers are known for their high energy consumption. Air washers, too, with their circulating pumps are big energy consumers. by contrast, FINESTFOG air humidification saves energy. Frequency-controlled pumps, cascade connections and high efficiency all contribute to significantly lower energy costs compared with other systems.
  • +Ensure hygiene safety

    FINESTFOG high-pressure air humidification for use in HVAC systems is VDE- and CE-tested. It complies with VDI 6022 Sheets 1 and 6 and has been issued with a recognized hygiene certificate by the GBA Hamburg (since 2004). It is equivalent to the FINESTFOG direct room humidification that holds the »Optimized Air Humidification« and »GS Prüfzeichen« test certificates and is certified by the DGUV and BG ETEM.
  • Water supply connection ½"
    internal thread with stopcock
  • Water inlet filter
  • Water softening unit
  • Salt container
  • Waste water connection
  • Reverse osmosis unit
  • Pressure tank
  • High-pressure air humidification
  • Solenoid valve: humidification
  • Solenoid valve: pressure relief
    and flushing
  • High-pressure pipeline stage 1–3
  • Nozzle holders
  • Drop separator
    (to be provided on site)

The Control unit (duct)

Central Controller Unit Air Humidifying FINESTFOG

FINESTFOG attaches great importance to high-quality control systems. Only components from reputable manufacturers like Siemens or Eaton-Möller make their way into our switching cabinets. FINESTFOG control units are offered in two versions:

Eaton-Möller – controller for the fully automated control of up to 6 humidifier zone and a maximum humidification performance of 780 litres per hour. Comprises Eaton-Möller PLC, operator display and frequency converter.

Siemens S 7 – the most user-friendly controller, based on a Siemens SPS S7. Up to 8 zones can be humidified. The SIMATIC HMI KP 700 touch panel (7") displays all operating parameters. The controller unit includes a data logger, an operating hours counter for each zone, a trend analysis and numerous other auxiliary functions. Options range from data transfer to a facility management system. Consult our specialists for available configuration variants.

Both control units for duct humidification convert the control signal arriving from the facility management system to a seven-stage cascade connection. This results in high efficiency and a high degree of control accuracy.

The Pump (duct)

High Pressure Pump Air Humdifying FINESTFOG

The high-pressure pump generates a uniform pressure (80 bar) to supply pressurized water to the individual humidification zones. Available pump ratings range from 120 to 780 litres/hour. Motor and pump rpm are controlled via the pressure sensor and the frequency converter. The pump only delivers as much water as is needed at any moment. This saves energy and wear and tear on the pump.

The nozzle (duct)

High Pressure Nozzle Finesfog

The FINESTFOG single-medium nozzle is the heart of every FINESTFOG system. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel and hand finished, each nozzle is engraved to identify it as designed and produced exclusively for FINESTFOG.


The ingenious inner workings and a special bore together result in the unique atomization pattern. The nozzle atomizes water into finest aerosols capable of being rapidly taken up by the air. A check spring reliably prevents water dripping.



FINESTFOG nozzles are available in four sizes:


Model Bore diameter Humidification:
1.0 100 µm 1.1
1.5 150 µm 2.0
2.0 200 µm 3.0
2.2 220 µm 4.6
2.5 250 µm 6.3
2.7 270 µm 8.4



The high-pressure nozzles models 2.2 to 2.5 with their very high throughput are ideal for duct humidification.


In HVAC systems the nozzles are screwed into an unobstrusive but solid ¼" stainless steel pipe.