Energy saving humidification with FINESTFOG

Cost-effective air humidification

Humidify and cool simultaneously with lowest energy input.

FINESTFOG air humidification employs high pressure
(80 bar) to atomize water to finest aerosols that are quickly absorbed by the surrounding air. The only energy consumed is to drive the motors for the high-pressure pumps; consumption is extremely low at between 0.5
and 3.0 kW per hour in continuous operation (depending on pump size).

Atomization transforms water from a liquid to a gaseous state. This aggregate change requires energy which is extracted from the ambient air – the air is cooled (adiabatic cooling). This effect is increasingly used to reduce high temperatures in production halls.

The humidified air reduces temperature peaks – with minimal energy input. It provides effective support for the cooling system generating substantial energy savings during peak load times. In some cases adiabatic cooling can even replace a conventional air conditioning system.

Energy consumption

90% energy savings. FINESTFOG single-medium nozzles atomize water at high pressure. No detours via expensive compressed air, fans or other auxiliary systems.


By comparison: a FINESTFOG high-pressure system atomizes 100 litres of water in an hour. Electrical power consumption is approx. 0.5 kW. For the same humidification performance, dual-medium nozzles (water + compressed air) require approx. 7.6 kW. A steam humidifier would require as much as 80 kW of electrical power.