Certified hygienic control for the industrial air humidification.

Healthy air – signed and sealed

FINESTFOG’s unique hygiene concept

Ensuring optimal hygienic conditions at every point of the humidification process is a top priority.

By developing and combining technical innovations FINESTFOG converts this approach into an effective concept.

The FINESTFOG hygiene concept is unique:

  • Closed water circuit – no contact between water and air prior to atomization
  • High-purity humidifier water thanks to reverse osmosis system and UV sterilization
  • Periodic flushing of each humidification zone prevents water from standing too long in the water pipes
  • Monitoring of the UV radiator, conductivity of the pure water
  • Automatic switch-off whenever the system is disconnected from the electricity grid for any length of time

»Optimized Air Humidification« certification

Safety award in humidification FINESTFOG
GS and DGUV certification
Certified Hygienic Test

FINESTFOG air humidification and FINESTFOG high-pressure air humidification has won several important quality and safety awards:

In 2012, the Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung (DGUV) conferred the test mark »Optimized Air Humidification« (test number DP 12050). This certification was initiated by the professional association BG ETEM.

The FRESENIUS Institut in Taunusstein performs the rigorous laboratory tests required for certification and takes samples on the operators’ premises for hygienic analysis.

The DGUV also conferred the certificate »GS – Geprüfte Sicherheit«.

Systems can be certified once the following conditions are met:

  • The system must comprise a combination of a FINESTFOG air humidification and water treatment system
  • A legally binding maintenance contract must have been entered into between the operator and FINESTFOG

Since as long ago as 2004 FINESTFOG has subjected its systems to long-term tests on the operators’ premises. The tests on water samples are performed by the Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik Hamburg mbH (GBA).

FINESTFOG systems humidify according to the guidelines set out in VDI 6022 Sheet 1 and VDI 6022 Sheet 6.

UV sterilization

UV-sterilization with FINESTFOG against bacteria, yeasts and the development of legionella

Optimal prophylaxis: the high-intensity UV sterilization protects against bacteria, yeasts and the development of legionella. Thanks to its compact design, the UV sterilization unit is also ideal for filtration directly at the point of use.

The pure water from the storage tank flows through the UV sterilization unit before the water is put under pressure by the high-pressure pump.

The high-performance UV lamps reduce bacteria and viruses by 99.9% – as such, they are eminently suited for highly effective cleansing of the humidifier water. The irradiation of the water with intense UV light largely prevents the formation of germs and bacteria.

Other features:

  • Flow rate 120 to 1800 litres/hour
  • Polished stainless steel process chamber meets standards for laboratory and medical equipment
  • Acoustic alarm and LED display for lamp malfunction
  • Day counter with digital display of remaining light source efficiency
  • 7-year guarantee on stainless steel process chamber