FINESTFOG information - "strong together"


The corona pandemic poses unprecedented challenges for the whole world. FINESTFOG is also facing up to these challenges. The most important things first:
Our company remains open and will continue to be available to our customers and interested parties for questions and assistance.
The office team works in the company or in the "home office" and is always available during opening hours.
The production is running and the technical contact persons are available. We have no difficulties in procurement and are able to deliver all spare parts and equipment in time as usual.
Our technicians are still on the road. And this partly under difficult conditions, for this my special thanks!
Of course there are companies where service and maintenance cannot be carried out at the moment, we fully understand that.

The contact to our international dealers is intact and we are in active exchange about the problems and situations in the respective regions. This crisis knows no borders.

Basically we notice that our customers and partners always try to find reasonable solutions together with us. The good and fair cooperation over the many years pays off!
I would like to thank all our customers, suppliers, friends and interested parties for their loyalty, the good partnership and the "strong together" in these difficult times.

I would also like to express special thanks to our FINESTFOG team. The commitment of each and every one of them is exemplary! Everyone helps together, everyone is aware of their task and their responsibility.
Our company is well able to assess the challenges at the moment. The sensible budgeting of our company's resources and the great successes of the last few years give us the economic opportunities to overcome this crisis.
If everyone continues to comply with the official measures and our state continues to act seriously and prudently, we will all emerge from the crisis.
I wish you all strength, energy and above all health and look forward to every conversation and every feedback.
Stay healthy, all of you!

Christian Wagner, CEO